Printed pages/ Bearing images/ 1998-2008


HD video, 98 minutes, silent.
Exh.: Since we last spoke about monuments , curated by Mihnea Mircan, also including Azra Aksamija, Matthew Buckingham, Sam Durant, Office KGDVS, Hans van Houwelingen, Irwin, Alon Levin, Metahaven, Ciprian Muresan, Jonas Staal & Vincent van Gerven Oei, Mona Vatamanu & Florin Tudor, 14 September - 9 November 2008, Stroom den Haag, The Hague;

In 1998, in my final year at art school, I began to collect pictures of people bearing images from printed media. As this collection grew in size and scope, the activity of collecting these pictures began to assume the shape of a work in its own right. Printed pages/ Bearing images/ 1998-2008 is the work which evolved as the elaboration of this collection: a 98-minute video in which one image dissolves into the next through a 30-second non-additive dissolve, an image endlessly in motion through 198 found images.

For the exhibition Since we last spoke about monuments, in which this work first appeared, each artist in the exhibition was asked to write a short text on their work.


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